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SKF Launched Smart Supplier 4.0 Gen 2: Rethinking machine maintenance


                                  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia), July 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-

                                  AsiaNet/ --

Digitalising preventive maintenance for light industries in Southeast Asia and Australia are now more achievable than ever. The second generation of a popular SKF programme rethinks the status quo to ensure early detection of problems with simplified inspections, expert analyses, and detailed reports for all.

Smart Supplier 4.0 Gen 2, a Digital Asset Condition Assessment programme launched by SKF Southeast Asia, helps users to work smarter, simpler, and in a more cost-effective way. It does all these by allowing users to detect possible causes of failures in their machines early on, so reparative measures could be taken before operations are impacted. This programme is best used by light industries as an early entry into digitalised maintenance, giving customers a platform to embark on their Industrialisation 4.0 journey.

The programme uses the SKF Quick-Collect Sensor that's connected wirelessly to SKF mobile apps to first measure data from machines. The collected data is then uploaded to the cloud and sent to SKF's Rotating Equipment Performance Centre to be analysed by expert reliability engineers. Finally, detailed reports of issues and recommended courses of actions are generated.

Smart Supplier 4.0 Gen 2 comes in 3 different packages, each more advanced than the last. Named "QuickPulse", "QuickPro", and "QuickPro+", they're the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced packages on offer, all in that order. Signing up with any one of them entitles users to the Quick-Collect Sensor, subscription to SKF mobile applications, and detailed assessment reports. Additional features are available too, depending on the package signed up for.

By rethinking the way machines are maintained, not only does SKF prevents unplanned downtime, it also proves to be critical in:

-Increasing reliability and improving performance of machines.

-Improving lubrication management to prolong machines' lifespan.

-Improving inventory optimisation to reduce excess stock.

-Lowering overall maintenance cost.

-Improving productivity through a digitised maintenance programme.

"Our light industry customers would benefit the most by this entry level digitalised maintenance programme. It provides them with a holistic approach to digitalising maintenance from their current maintenance strategies," said Gavin Garland, Area Director, Southeast Asia.

For more information and specifications, do speak to our SKF Authorised Distributors or SKF Sales Representatives in Southeast Asia and Australia.

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