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About Aneka Bearing

It all started more than 50 years ago by the members of Ho and Tjiong families. They started up the business as a street vendor in the area of Atom Market (now known as Pasar Hayam Wuruk (HWI) Lindeteves in Glodok area). The business itself is selling different type of bearings and the shop name is Aneka Bearing.


After couple of years they growth the business together, the Ho families decided to open up a different type of business. Since then the Ho family concentrates running their new business and leave Aneka Bearing to be run by the Tjiong families.


Aneka Bearing itself keep growing under Tjiong family and becomes an official SKF bearing distributor after more than 30 years selling SKF products. The company permanently moved to Pertokoan Glodok Jaya no. 70 and only have 6 employees when it opened. Compare to now, the company have more than 35 employees.


Aneka Bearing changed its name to PT. Satu Aneka Bering (SAB) on 2014 to create a stronger and more solid management system to provide an even better service for the existing and future customers.

Mr. Tjiong Oie Nam
Mr. Tjiong Tek Tjiang (middle)
Former President Director
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